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Eating the right foods
Marina Savelyeva, RDN

The Importance of Micronutrients: Unraveling the Nutritional Gap

Ideally, a well-balanced diet would obtain all our bodies’ essential nutrients. However, with the demands of modern life, dietary restrictions, and the depletion of nutrients in our food, achieving optimal nutrition solely through food intake has become increasingly challenging. Micronutrients play a crucial role. This blog will explore why people need vitamins and minerals, and you cannot rely only on a food source.

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marina dietitian difference between registered dietitian and nutritionist california newport beach
Marina Savelyeva, RDN

Registered Dietitian vs. Nutritionist

A Registered Dietitian is considered the only nutrition expert among all healthcare workers, including physicians, nurses, and other interdisciplinary healthcare team members. Specific Medical programs required minimal knowledge of Nutrition and medication interactions, the National Academy of Sciences. Most instructors (88%) expressed the need for additional nutrition instruction at their institutions.

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