In The Media...

Television Appearances

  • “Obesity and Weight Loss, Part 1“

    Dr.Meshel and Marina Savelyeva, RDN discussed obesity epidemic, obesity causes and a few weight-loss tips.

    “Obesity and Weight Loss, Part 2”

    Dr.Meshel and Marina Savelyeva, RDN discussed weight loss strategies, examples of foods to eat and not to eat, and how to monitor nutrition intake.
  • “Healthy Nutrition for Pregnancy and Childhood”

    Dr.Meshel and Marina Savelyeva, RDN discussed nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding benefits and early stages of life {infant to 3 years old}.

    “Nutrition Journey Through the Ages”

    Dr. Meshel and Marina Savelyeva, RDN, discussed nutrition during the early stages of life {3-12 years} as well as how to stay young and healthy during your aging years.

Public Presentations

Corporate wellness seminars for employees: Boeing, Prankl, CP Carillo, Shimano, 2017, 2018; Glidewell Dental Lab 2022.
Presented the educational lecture “Pancreas: Insufficiency, Surgery - What Dietitians Need to Know” 
for California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Conference, Orange and Inland Empire Districts, 2019
Conference Speaker: Wound Care Conference and Medical Surgical Conference at Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach, 2010-2013
Presented "Wound/Pressure Ulcer Nutrition Therapy" lecture for dietetic interns, Cal State San Bernardino, 2014-2017
Developed and conducted lectures for Physician Assistant at California Baptist University:
•   “Gut Nutrition: What Physician Assistants Need to Know", 2018, 2019
•   "What Physician Assistants Need to Know: Malnutrition, Vitamins, Minerals and Nourishment", 2018
•   "Nutrition During Life Cycle, Wellness, Weight Management, and Tobacco Use", 2018
•   “Medical Nutrition Therapy for Gastrointestinal Conditions”
•   “Malnutrition, Vitamins, Minerals "
•   "Nutrition During Life Cycle, Wellness, Weight Management, and Tobacco Use"
Developed and conducted 2 nationwide live webinar for Sodexo:
•   Pancreas: Insufficiency, surgery - what dietitians need to know”, 08/2016 (level 2)
•   “Upper GI Surgeries – what dietitians need to know”, 02/2017 (level 2)
Wound Care and Medical Surgical Conferences, Hoag Hospital, 2011-2013
“Wound/Pressure Injury Nutrition Therapy,” Cal State San Bernardino, dietetic interns, 2014-2021

Published Works...

"8 Reasons Greek Yogurt Is Good For You, According To Nutritionist"

"The 25 Best Low-Carb Snacks That Will Fill You Up"

"Inspiring Conversations with Marina Savelyeva of Marina Dietitian"

"The Best Plant Based Diet Book"

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